So you live in a beach community and have the coastal home of your dreams. But how do you please your teens taste with your own?

Start with your kid's favorite color and trendy choices. If your daughter loves pink and the latest trend of bohemian, find pink pillows and wall art that will bring in some aqua blues and sea greens. 

If you have a preteen boy who loves red, your soft blue coastal home will still look cohesive. Grab a pillow with red and paint a side table with high gloss red.

Add the pillows to the bed as well for a splash of red in the room. Add a painting that pulls the whole look together.

Remember to make the experience fun for yourself and your child.

PictureThanks to: Frommoontomoon.BlogSpot.com
Boho is the latest décor darling with bright paint, wild furnishings like Moroccan or Indian, and real attitude with paintings of elephants. The best part of this décor is that it fits well with the easy going coastal look.

The pictures I'll show you are representative of a smart interior design that keeps bohemian livable and desirable.

You'll see a great deal of aqua blue that ties the clear sea with the earth tones of furniture.

Thanks to: Architecturendesign.com
Notice the Mandala circles in the brightly colored bedspread. The pillows are geometric and blend well with the chosen colors.

A pendant lamp hangs from the ceiling with a canopy drape. The rug with more geometric shapes pull the whole look together.

Floor pillows with tassels encourage sitting and lounging.

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Gypsea Art Pillow for the bohemian in you.


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Elephants are so gypsy, don't you love them!

Canopies are not just beautiful, but functional as well. Embellishments of stars, buttons and jewelry are common with gypsy and hippie adornments.

Note the bright floral reds on the suitcase which is common to see on blankets, pillows and bedspreads to bring the wow factor even higher.

Thanks to: homemydesign.com
Mirrors, canopies, pillows, blue, orange, burgundy are all elements to use in creating the perfect bohemian, hippie or gypsy room.

A special note about gypsy décor. Gypsies do love bright colors and mix them like crazy. The wanderers or Free people also enjoy multiple fabrics torn lengthwise or layered scraps to make beautiful curtains like below.

Thanks to: gypsyyaya.com
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People who live in colder climates and near the ocean seem to appreciate a fireplace. Though a fireplace can mean different things to different people.

If you need the warmth during the winter of snow or rain you may have a wood burning fireplace. This one in the picture has a carved mantle and slate tiles.

Most folks don't use their indoor fireplace all year long. So what do you do with this large focal point in your living room?

Keep reading for some great seasonal ideas.

Plants are a great solution to tie in the Spring, Summer or early Fall weather. Think flowers, cactus or dried stalks with ribbon!
Want an instant fireplace? Bring along camping shovels and dig out a spot in the sand to enjoy family, friends and the beach.

Use beach towels to sit on and have plenty of wood on hand because you will not want to leave.

Don't forget the hotdogs and marshmallows.

Put a grouping of beach boxes or shell baskets that can act as storage. Store the sea glass you collect, yarn for the afghan you are making or beads you use to create beach jewelry.

Want to add a fireplace or place one on the deck? No problem. Just go to a home improvement store and purchase some wood,  a little paint and corbels or shelf brackets
With rain and wind hitting across North America I am reminded that candles are necessary. Living in a coastal town, we flood often and lose electricity routinely.

Who says that candles can't be beautiful as well as functional. Hurricane glass in different sizes are my go-to item to start creating beach lighting. With a couple handfuls of sand, shells or colorful glass beads I can decorate my home near the sea with wind-resistant glass.

Rope, string and ribbon will boost your nautical décor and blend seamlessly with your home.

Dollar Store candles, fish bowl glass and bags of shells are great finds! You'll find silver trays, small to large candle holders too.
Don't forget that battery operated candles are uniquely able to resist wind, fog and rain mist.  Great for the bathroom, dark hallways and stairs.

I suggest keeping a box of matches or small lighter next to each coastal inspired glass candles. You never know where you will be in the house or garage when the electricity goes out.

Use Velcro or a substitute to hold down your glass candle holders. Earthquakes, high winds, kids and animals can knock burning candles from their perch

Use your imagination to create candles that are both beautiful and functional. Please leave a comment below and Pin to your budget DIY.

PictureThe new upgrade driftwood plank floor is great!

DIY Driftwood Stained Six Inch Wide Plywood Plank Floor 

Posted by Cherie De Sues         

   My front Galveston Island beach house is a survivor of Hurricane Ike. With water reaching four feet high on a home that is four feet above ground level that equals eight feet of ocean flooding. This flooding lasted for days and by stripping the 100 year old home down to bare bones, repairs were made over time.

Since the home is double sided six inch shiplap (tongue and groove) the walls dried over time as sturdy as ever. The floors didn’t fair as well and needed to be replaced. The owners before me decided to cover up the rotting floor with carpet.

I tore out all the old carpeting and got down to the subfloor. The subfloor was really bad in the living-room requiring multiple fixes.

I used Home Depot 7/8″ plywood sheets and had the sheet cut into 6″ planks. The last plank is always less than 6″ because of the saw eating up real estate on each cut. Count on 7 planks per sheet. The last 5.5″ plank should be saved from each sheet of plywood for sides that require less width.

My neighborhood Home Depot began to cut my plywood for free, then charged me $2.50 per cut after the first two free cuts. This was an extra $12.50 added to my expenses halfway through my project. I would check out the local charges in your area before you commit to an entire house renovation like I did. The 4 X 8 foot sheets cost $23.00 plus cutting fees for 8 planks. You roughly get 32 square feet a sheet, so I paid about a dollar per square foot or less depending on the cutting fees. Not bad for a real hardwood floor.

The tools I used were a jigsaw, measuring tape, 1.5 inch nails specifically designed to stay in wood and not work
themselves out. You can use screws and I did on parts of the floor that needed extra firm tightness. I used a medium weight hammer and a drill to put in the screws.

By far, this was the easiest floor I’ve ever put down. Measure, cut the plank, nail the plank down. Next. The entire house was done in a week. Most of my time was spent lugging planks back and forth from the Home Depot in my very green teeny, tiny, Toyota Rav4. I live in Texas, I think it’s time for a damn truck, right?

So let’s talk about the staining process and sealant. I love driftwood and wanted my beach house to reflect a medium gray and white driftwood effect.

I chose a stain in medium gray and dry-brushed white semigloss acrylic paint after the stain dried. I used a cloth and rubbed the white paint into the stain so none of the brush strokes looked too “placed”.

Some boards are lighter than others naturally and have blotches, knots and grooves. Perfect for the rough-beachy floor look I wanted. When I placed the sealant (I used polyurethane) on the floor, the wood glowed as if it were polished. I couldn’t be more pleased at the results.

Seaside designs by Gypsea Décor at ZAZZLE
When you live near water, especially the ocean or bay, there is a sense of wonder at everything coastal.  You choose nautical pillows, seaside art and a color scheme to enhance your coastal home.

Each home is unique as is each interior design element. Once your color palette and theme is chosen-nautical, beach cottage, New England, coastal chic or Cape Cod for example, you will follow that design throughout the entire home for continuity.

This home is a nautical themed home with medium to dark blue color palette with white paint and dark furniture. Very cozy and the stripes really set off the pillows, chair pads don't you think?  The designer chose to use medium warm wood, oars and brass lamps to soften the cool blues.

If you like this look for your home I'd check out http://www.nauticaldecorstore.com/  The items they sell are fairly priced and excellent quality. You'll find everything from US Navy Divers helmets to portholes. Love this site.

To add more color to your coastal décor try my beach inspired original Gypsea Art pillows. Comes in many sizes and shapes like lumbar and 20 X 20 throw pillows. Find this at Zazzle.

Japanese Glass Netted Fishing Balls

At $8.95 each how can you lose? What I like is that they are original and fit with most beach decors.
Here's another original pillow print in many sizes. Find these and more at Zazzle.

Hi, and welcome to my blog, Gypsea Decor. I thought I'd introduce myself and tell you why I blog about the sea.

Just out of community college in Huntington Beach located in Southern California I joined the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman.  With great anticipation I began a lifelong adventure with the sea. I learned to scuba dive with Navy SEALS and took piloting lessons with a Lieutenant to fly over the beaches near my duty stations.  My parents had a sailboat and I spent many hours sailing, fishing and exploring many ports of call. I even learned to surf...badly. Ah, those were the days.

Now I'm retired, living by the sea and crafting like crazy. I'm a little slower, much smarter and enjoy more tamed adventures. You can currently find me crocheting an afghan for my son's bed and penciling a new watercolor I will paint next week. I finished embellishing a small coastal table recently and have stored the item until I move to the shore of Washington State in a couple of months.

My long term plan is to photograph on the blog daily of my beach finds. Open a small shop in town near my seaside home. Sell my painted furniture, coastal artwork on home goods, books and original art pieces.

Sounds cozy to me. How will you retire?